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. cheryl hurd joins from us oakland international. a news conference just wrapped up. what do we know now? >> reporter: that's right. alameda county sheriffs are not releasing a picture of the watch but i did get a glimpse at it. it is silver in color. it had wires coming out of it. it had a toggle switch on it. the man arrested called it art but it did not look like art to me. here's a picture of the man arrested. his name is jeffrey mcgann. 49 years old from southern california. police say he was here for a one-day trip. he flew in around 11:00 and attempted to fly out at 7:00 p.m. tsa officials flagged the watch down as he was going through screening. they said it just didn't look like. listen into j.d. nelson with the alameda county sheriff's department. >> why would anyone come to the airport with a watch with wires coming out of it, a toggle switch, fuses, a circuit board and think that was okay? that's not okay. the totality of the situation made the deputies arrest him and he was arrested for possession of material that can make a destructive device. >> reporter: he was also weari
quarry behind the rock ridge shopping center on pleasant valley avenue. let's go to cheryl hurd who has been following the search. what are crews telling you at th this point? >> reporter: the alameda county dive crew is preparing to go into the water. there are a number of things they must do to make sure their dive is safe. they are about to go into the rock quarry near the safeway. the firefighters were called here this evening. we are on the backside of that address. a man called authorities and said that his roommate had been missing for about an hour. he said his roommate went out into the back deck of their condo looking for his cat. the fire department went into the back of the deck and saw his flashlight but did not see a man. they thought he may have fell into a hole but it's they discovered he had fallen off the cliff in the back of their condo and that fall could be between 75 to 100 feet into the water. >> we got on scene, there was no hole to be found but the quarry was just below. our presumption is that he fell into the water. we have been searching the water, poking the
couples in california. i'm cheryl hurd. i'll explain. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >>> preparations are underway at san francisco city hall for same sex marriages to begin again. they could resume in days, months or never. >> the united states supreme court might address this controversial issue tomorrow. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd explain this complex situation. >> i feel like we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: jeff and his partner tom watson are waiting for the day they can legally be married in california. they were fifth in line two years ago to get their marriage license when the courts ded to put gay
's cheryl hurd joins us in walnut creek tonight. cheryl? >> well, raj, police say that the woman was kidnapped from a parking lot in this business park and it was 7:30 last night and it was dark just like this. and no one heard her scream. >> it is very poorly lit. and i feel pretty safe living in walnut creek, but now i'm not so sure. >> reporter: cheryl feldman works in the same business park where police say two men abducted a 57-year-old woman. the attack happened on the 300 block of north widget lane. >> before she got into her car, the men accosted her, blindfolded her, and tied her you. they put her in the back seat of the car. >> reporter: the two men then drove the victim around the city for several hours, looking for atms to withdraw money. >> we know they went to a number of different locations, where the suspects did get some money from some of her banking accounts. >> reporter: after about four hours police say they drove the victim to the oakland hills near hiller highland and tunnel road. they left the victim and the car there. she was able to free herself. she wen
their inner scientists. >>> cheryl hurd is in the spotlight for 25 years of exceptional work. the national academy of television arts and sciences is recognizing her for her significant contribution to television in northern california. >> he's been making deadlines covering stories that have impacted lyes and shaped the bay area's rich history. she's never backed down. not even tear gas could stop her. >> you heard it. the tear gas just went off and it's pretty strong. >> she's covered just about every story out there. not only that she's one of the funniest and kindest people i know. everyone just loves cheryl and congratulations. >>> children from all over the bay area had a chance to unleash their inner scientist today. thousands after families headed to at&t park for the bay area science festival discovery day. more than 150 labs and businesses set up exhibits and demonstrations. organizers hope today's event will want to learn more about science engineering and technolo technology. >> the future of science, of clinical care depends on the best kids caring about the subjects and think
getting married. cheryl hurd joins us with more on this ripple effect. no matter which way the court decides. cheryl? >> supreme court justices will be behind closed doors tomorrow, the end result of that meeting may mean that gay couples will flock here to san francisco's city hall to get married. or they may not. >> this time we think this is finally it. >> tom watson was fifth in line to get their marriage license two years ago. when the courts decided to put gay marriage on hold. >> i feel like we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. we're hopeful about what could happen in the next few days. >> on friday, nine supreme court justices are scheduled to meet behind closed doors and decide if they will take a series of cases. one of them is the federal defense of marriage act. the other is prop 8. the ban on same sex marriage in california. >> it's very very likely the court will take at least one of the cases challenging the federal defense of marriage act. the federal law that prevents the federal government from recognizing the marriages of same sex couples, even in state
proposition. this race according to the polls is a tight one. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. prop 30 is also up against proposition 38. it's another education-related tax, this one funded primarily by millionaire civil rights attorney miley munger. munger has spent more than $47 million of her own money to promote prop 38. it would increase income taxes on a sliding scale basis to most californians and would raise an estimated 10 billion a year for schools, and system of the money would eventually be used to pay down the state debt. if both 30 and 38 get enough votes to pass, the one with the most votes will prevail. >>> an unusual discovery in san mateo county tonight. the controversial mojave cross was part of a world war i memorial. it was the subject of a supreme court case. and it was also stolen two years ago. now it's in safe hands. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in san francisco this evening with more on this discovery and its meaning. jean? >> reporter: many are grateful the mojave cross has been recovered. they say it is an impor
. >> all right. let's check in with cheryl hurd live in sacramento, where the governor has been the last couple of weeks, making a big push for yes on 30. saying he needed this to pass or the trigger cuts were going to go in. but it was iffy for a very long time. >> no one is giving up on this race. this crowd right here is waiting for the governor. a lot of people you see here are waiting on pins and needles as they watch these results come in for a yes on 30. a yes on 30 would add between $7 billion and $9 billion a year for the next seven years through an increased tax. right now, it looks like california voters are not necessarily making up their mind about this particular measure. we spoke with california school superintendent about the fallout, if a yes on 30 fails. >> well, i'm nervous. so much is at stake for the kids of california and our higher education students. devastating cuts have occurred already. schools have lost 25% of their funding. we could see schools shorten their school year three to four weeks of the year that we normally have, would be gone. if proposition 30 fa
is doing fine. reporting live in east oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> great story. nolan shell hanging out in oakland now. >>> still to come at 5:00, paying more for less. why bay area holiday staple will cost you more this year. >>> and it's a potentially deadly virus that impacts infants the most. what you need to know to keep your baby safe. >>> plus -- >> this is really a boost for making me continue to get up in the morning, continue to run in the rain and swim outside in the dark. >> he sweats to help others. how one man is turning triathlons into personalized charity work. that's next in our bay area proud exclusive. >>> plus sunny and clear skies now, but a change son the way. jeff ranieri will have the full forecast, next. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey
with the strange watch there also the issue of the shoes. cheryl hurd has more for us. >> reporter: police aren't releasing a picture of the watch that they believe is suspicious but a man is behind bars. we did catch up with a man who knows him and he believes that there is an explanation for this. >> i'm sure it will be one big mistake. >> reporter: a mistake that us about geoffrey mcgann behind bars and left his friend scratching his head. >> yes, i was shocked after reading about it on the internet. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: what has him baffled is the arrest of mcgann last night at the oakland international airport. he was going through security when the tsa agent saw what he believed was a suspicious device going through x-ray. >> he came into the airport wearing a watch that had a toggle switch on it. it had fuses, it had a circuit board and wires shooting from it. >> reporter: police say mcgann was about to board a flight to los angeles. authorities call the bomb squad and the fbi because in their eyes, what they were at could have been dangerous. >> it could have been a trigg
. reporting live in pleasant hill, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> all good advice. thank you very much. the rain will certainly make the morning commute more treacherous. the chp is getting ready to help you out. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live with tips on how you can ensure your own safety. >> it's just a little breezy. you can see some of the clouds rolling in behind me, and we're dry, which is a nice thing. tomorrow morning we are expecting a completely different story as this system is expected to make for a very dangerous commute, and possibly some power outages as well. people are getting ready for the wind and rain headed to the bay area. danny velazquez of san jose got roped into changing the windshield wipers on his friend's jeep. >> there is a huge difference when you have the new ones versus the old ones from last year. it doesn't clear as much and it's not as nice, and they kind of squeak. >> reporter: changing the wipers, using rain repellent or de-icing fluid can help, but the main thing you can do costs no money. >> the number one tip slow down. number two, wear yo
, the governor is stepping in. tonight, the chp is helping patrol oakland. cheryl hurd joins us from oakland with the details tonight. >> reporter: well, raj, it will become a normal routine. but tonight for the first time in two years, chp officers came here to east oakland to hook up with oakland police to patrol the streets. it comes at a time when oakland really needs help. >> if someone could take his life or -- we don't even know what it was. it's crazy. we need to know. >> reporter: trying to make sense out of a senseless killing. >> my father was an amazing man. he did things he did not have to do. >> reporter: her father was shot and killed wednesday, during a robbery inside a store he owned. the community is in shock. >> he treat everybody good. the only thing i can think of him doing wrong, is being nice. >> reporter: one day after the killing, oakland police is getting help from the chp to stop the crime. >> we've got an increase in calls for emergency services, in violent crimes occurring. and we've seen an increase in community relations. >> reporter: the two agencies have work
the weather center. cheryl hurd is showing us what homeowners are doing to get ready, and kris sanchez is in san jose tw simple steps you can take to make sure your commute is safe for tomorrow morning. chris? >> hi there, jessica. the storms
. a lot of people will be using that number. let's bring in nbc bay area cheryl hurd. we say this all the time, but most of us don't do it. preparation is key. what's happening in the east bay? >> if you live in or around pleasant hill f you're not prepared for the storm, you have no excuse. there are sandbag stations like this throughout the city. this one is on civic drive. so the bottom line is if you're not prepared for the storm, you should be. the sign is up in downtown walnut crease ace hardware. it reads the storm is coming. but are people prepared? >> i talked to a guy this morning who butt a sump pump. he was fine with a sump pump. it wasn't because of the storm. but the people i've been talking to are not aware of it, which is amazing. so they're not watching the news. >> people who live in marin county are watching something. folks are filling up and taking home sandbags. down thoun business owners who were flooded out several years ago are ready for several days of wet and miserable weather. >> i'm going to suit up before i go home. so the water doesn't get in my suit. >>
, coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. >>> back from thanksgiving break in full force. teachers in san jose's evergreen district are protesting, trying to pressure the district to return to the bargaining table. but the district says no deal. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us from san jose this evening. kris, why not return to the bargaining table? what is the problem here? >> reporter: hi there, raj. hopefully you can hear me over the chanting. this is a very serious group about getting their message out. we estimate as many as 400 teachers and supporters turned out today to make their point to the district that they need to return to the bargaining table. they are trying to get their community also to put the pressure on the district. the teachers march carrying signs, getting honks and hollers of support along the way. after the last contract negotiating session in october, the district asked the public employer relations board to declare an impasse, setting the ball in motion for a mediator to help decide the next
for people who might go hungry tomorrow. cheryl hurd with one family who is helping feed people for a decade. and she was a legend, cheryl. >> reporter: yes, she was, indeed. i met the family tonight. and this is a family that's truly stepping up to the plate. they're stepping up to the plate for the city of oakland. >> how are you guys doing? back again. >> reporter: brad morris is on a mission tonight. >> much love. >> reporter: his mission is to pick up as many turkeys as he can before thanksgiving day. >> my delivery truck. my mom, she cooks about five. i cooked about five so far. have one in the oven right, i have to check on. >> reporter: his mission involves the community. >> we all come together as a community and try to help, extend that hand to people who are in need. >> reporter: fred morris is the glue holding the mission together, to feed the hungry on thanksgiving in oakland. but he can't do it alone. it's a family affair. >> my family will cook a big meal every thanksgiving. you know, let's just do it for the neighborhood. >> reporter: five years ago, morris, his mother, god m
. in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >>> today, we dressed up as parade broadcasters. >> today, we were parade broadcasters. now, i'm a pumpkin. >> no. not at all. >> you did a great job out there, too, by the way. awesome. >> thank you. >> glued to the tv. >>> let's get a look. this halloween storm we've been dealing with all evening long. it's moving so slowly. you don't have too much heavy rainfall. it's just a slow motion. at 6:00 p.m., across the north bay. now, the east bay. it's traveled 110 miles in 5 hours. that's 22 miles per hour. again, a slow motion of this storm tonight did add up the rainfall. most notably up in the north bay, which squeezed out a lot of the moisture. as you head to oakland and san francisco, it's been more minuscule. as the radar scans right now, here's the good thing. in the east bay, you've had little to nothing tonight. it was great for trick or treating. but you need the rain. up the creek, to san ramon. and it's slow to get across san jose. probably one of the best spots for trick or treaters tonight. we're looking at the showers
oakland, cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> what an incredible story. >>> it's good for shoppers looking for a bargain, not so good for workers. employees are unhappy about the new black friday hours for target and many other stores, next week's bargains actually begin on black thursday which is thanksgiving night. it's the earliest the store has ever kicked off its holiday sales. workers started a petition with 180,000 signatures and counting. a target spokesperson told nbc that employees receive time and a half pay for working holidays, and some employees are excited for the chance to grab extra hours. >>> we all know they provide shade and a sense of serenity, did you know trees could change the value of your home and the safety of your family? stephanie troung shows how tree cover could change your neighborhood. >> reporter: the trees along the street, the ones you walk and drive by every day, may affect your life more than you think. >> one day -- >> reporter: just ask this man who made it his mission to bring trees to his san jose neighborhood. it started with his neighbor. >> supe
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